Invasion of Normandy beach during WW-II, D-day beaches, people and anecdotes of war

By Shuchita Jha

Welcome to the third episode of French tales. Today with us we have a very special guest, Mr. Laurent Guerin who has a very deep knowledge of the Normandy beach invasions, the lives of the people, and how they turned around with the invasion. He also interviewed and met the Higgins family, who actually supplied the boat to Europe, from America for this special invasion that was held in 1944. He owns a very cute place on the Omaha Beach, which trains people in sports like kayaking, surfing, parasailing, waterboarding, and etc. And he has been running this place since the last 25 years, and has held around 5000 sessions in the past 10 years. So right now, the place is not really open because of the COVID restrictions. But hopefully, when the restrictions are lifted, it will be back to its original life and a buzz that always surrounds the beach, especially in summers. So today, we will hear from Mr. Laurent Guerin his experiences of meeting people and what they have shared with him through these ages. Welcome to our show.


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