Wine, champagne, cider and poiré: A peek into French wine culture

François Le Cardinal with his favorite liquor. Image- Shuchita Jha

Shuchita Jha

Welcome to the fourth episode of French Tales from Ground Tales. We have with us our new guest, Mr. François Le Cardinal, a French professor, and also an amateur connoisseur of wine and liquor. He will enlighten us today about the different kinds of wine or cider and whiskeys that are found in France along with champagne, which I guess most of you know, and how they are made, what is his favorite? How did he have an interest in becoming an amateur connoisseur and some more things that we don’t generally know about wine because we just concentrate on Bordeaux and champagne? We are going to learn a lot more about the different regions that produce other kinds of wines and deciders which are less known but are tastier. And this I say, after having tasted from François collection, let us hear from the master himself.


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